The Mouse Outfit Releases Music Video for Heavenly Single “Late Night Doors”

The Mouse Outfit featuring Berry Black, Dubbul O, and Ellis Meade is out with a new hip hop anthem and music video with conscious lyrics such as “how can you love your iPhone more than you got love for your goddamn self?“ The song is called “Late Night Doors“ and talks about some of the basic struggles of being a human being in today’s world. The lyrics are insanely thought provoking and relatable to anyone that is open to feel deeply.

The song features a soothing vocal in combination with a space like piano track that gives the listener enough space to really consider the lyrics and feel the vibe of the music completely. The Mouse Outfit’s song is not overproduced and is a great fusion of old school hip hop and new school hip hop. This track is straight fire!


The Mouse Outfit’s new album “Jagged Tooth Crook” will drop on Vinyl and CD on August 31st on the label TMO Records and features vocals from artists such as IAMDDB, Ellis Meade, Dubbul O, Berry Blacc, Kinkai, Sparkz, Fox, Black Josh, Layfullstop, Dr Syntax, and Truemendous. Nearly 30 artists and producers worked on this album to make it incredible. You can hear the digital version on Spotify now:

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Written by Ryan Cassata
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