Becky Warren Draws Inspiration from Nashville’s Street Paper & Homeless Population

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Becky Warren is a socially conscious Americana singer-songwriter who sheds lights on some true American things in her new song “We’re All We Got.” The song, which is a collaboration with Amy Ray, draws inspiration from real stories and real people that are experiencing homelessness in Nashville due to their cities being gentrified. Becky Warren has always made music that inspires change. This song was inspired by stories in The Contributor, which is the paper in Nashville that is sold on the street by homeless people. The lyrics of “We’re All We Got” are politically conscious and have the power to make others aware of the things happening so close to home. Aside from the lyrical content in the song, it’s a well produced country anthem, with a strong hook that people will be singing and really feeling together. Becky Warren will release her sophomore album titled “Undesirable” on October 19th, 2018.

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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