Mylk’s ‘Your Name’ Is Sad, Jumpy Australian Punk with a Glum Outlook

9 2 18 MylkMylk’s ‘Your Name’ is sad, jumpy punk rock with a personal, decidedly glum outlook. The Australian band describes itself as, “a four-piece alternative rock band based in Melbourne producing an eclectic sound.” Since the group’s 2017 formation, “Mylk has managed to release four singles, which have been well received by audiences, with all four tracks making it onto the Triple J Unearthed charts.” The janky, up-and-down sound these guys foster has a really distinct, almost grating texture. By combining plinky new wave-style guitars, a four-on-the-floor traditional punk rock approach and a gruffer, distinctly emo sensibility, the band has really come up with something new. In certain ways, maybe most notably the distinct Australianness, these guys kind of feel like The Chats. It’s not like they’re of the exact same ilk, but there’s a straightforward, quiet-loud and lightly garage-rock influenced style that seems to define Australia’s modern punk scene. This is a well-done piece from an up-and-coming band. Check out ‘Your Name’ below!

Noah Zucker // IG – @zucker.n // Twitter – @zuckern13

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