RTP Picks: Top 6 Entries to Ryan Cassata’s Cover Song Contest

 Ryan Cassata asked his followers to cover his song “Daughter” for a contest he is running himself. Contestants had a month to submit their songs to a contest that had essentially no rules. Contestants were able to change up the lyrics to best suit them and even change the style and melody of the song. Lots of people got very creative and original!

The prizes include:

– $20 gift card (you pick: venmo, paypal or itunes)
– RC T-Shirt
– Sticker Package
– Tagged & Promoted on [Ryan Cassata’s] Social Media!


Wit Rukus took the original instrumentation and chorus melody and put his own spin on the verses adding flavorful raps.

Noah Fitzer

Noah Fitzer did some of the best vocals we have heard for this contest and also changed up the lyrics to reflect their own transition and identity.

Dre The Dinosaur

Dre The Dinosaur did an acoustic cover and incorporated some rap verses to get really personal.

Ren Stedman

Ren Stedman did a version that feels a little more pop punk than the original version by Cassata. It’s very interesting (in a good way) to hear a version of this song from a voice by a singer who is on testosterone.


Niko is a talented singer-songwriter who has even put out an album of his own and gave the Ryan Cassata song a fantastic ballad feel on the piano.

Travis Taylor

Travis Taylor did a wonderful spin with a soft and soothing voice on the acoustic guitar!


Which one do you like the best?


The original video by Ryan Cassata has surpassed 140,000 views in a completely DIY fashion and has gathered over 80,000 streams on Spotify. See it here:

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