Rachael Cantu’s Captures the Connection of LGBTQ People in New Music Video

Los Angeles-based artist Rachael Cantu recently released an LGBTQ+ themed music video for her song “Love Rush.” She says this is her first time appearing in one of her music videos, though she is covered head to toe, in a beautiful kaleidoscopic headpiece and dress that matches the scenery in the background. These scenes contrast the dancers in the music video, who are dressed in black and white in a white space with black tape crossing it. These contrasts are gorgeous and relate well to the song. This pop song opens with an intense beat that almost sounds like a slowed-down heartbeat, and that beat stays steady through most of the song. Rachael Cantu’s stunning voice quickly joins in and paints a narrative of recognizing an LGBTQ+ person you’ve never met before, and instantly connecting, which is a story many people in the community are familiar with.

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Written by Skylar Bauer

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