‘Fear on the Rise’ by The Memoirs Is Well-Structured, Frank British Indie Rock

9 11 18 The Memoirs‘Fear on the Rise’ by The Memoirs is well-structured, frank indie rock out of the United Kingdom. This “is a song about finding it difficult to relate to the world around you,” the Nottingham natives say, “but recognizing that it is in fact you who needs to grow as a person.” They categorize themselves as fusing, “the anthemic melodies of Kings of Leon with the art rock stylings of British Sea Power and an atmospheric post-punk revival sound made famous by likes of Editors.” These guys definitely take some cues from the post-punk revival, and maybe garage rock more broadly, but they differentiate themselves by putting an expansive, untethered bow on that approach. The group is unafraid to roll into soaring pop rock sections. They have the musicianship, namely an on-point rhythm section and strong, melodic guitar work, to make these vocal-oriented cruxes really shine. These guys are a cut above the rest. Check out ‘Fear on the Rise’ below!


Noah Zucker // IG – @zucker.n // Twitter – @zuckern13

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