Philippe Bronchtein’s “Me and the Moon” Gives Insight to the Lonely Side of Being a Touring Artist


Philippe Bronchtein has brought his gorgeous bluesy voice across the country driving and playing music for over a decade. He wrote the acoustic ballad “Me and the Moon” while touring, because sometimes that’s the only friend an artist has throughout their long journey of living the ultimate artists dream, being a touring musician.

“I keep telling myself…this is the life.” – Philippe Bronchtein

Bronchtein had several setbacks across his long tour such as cancelled shows and automobile problems. However, his travels were inspiring enough for him to come up with “Me and the Moon” which is a soft and personal Americana song featuring a dobro and some great story-telling. The song mentions different states in the US, changing gas prices, Interstate 10 and free drinks in different bars every night. The singer-songwriter will get back on the road in October to continue living the artists dream. We sure hope he comes up with another great song like “Me and the Moon.” Find out more.

“I’ve done so much touring, and moved around so much that home always feels kind of elastic…” – Philippe Bronchtein


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