The Chainsmokers Go Back to their Roots with “Beach House”


EDM phenomenons Drew Taggart and Alex Pall, better known as The Chainsmokers are returning to their old-school production and songwriting vibes with their new single “Beach House.” The Chainsmokers describe this return as a good feeling, because they are excited to get back to their roots and remember where the magic all started for them. The duo has definitely stuck to implementing the clever technique of melodically catchy chorus sections similar to their hit songs “Roses” and “Closer.”

“This song is really exciting to us because we feel like we went back to our roots with this one.” – The Chainsmokers

This new track naturally has a dark feel to it through the chord choices and changes, although the lyrics are drenched in feelings of raw excitement about a developing romance. The lyrics dive deep into the topics of loneliness, probable mental health issues and the uncertainty of strong love feelings being emotionally reciprocated and equally shared. Like most Chainsmokers songs, “Beach House” is a natural sing-a-long, especially during the chorus section. The Chainsmokers are masters of writing catchy songs that reel in fans quickly and they have surely done it again with “Beach House.” Enjoy the music video for “Beach House” on YouTube now:

The Chainsmokers “Beach House” out now:

Written by singer-songwriter, Ryan Cassata

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