Gabe Greenland’s ‘She Walks Strapped Through the Shadows’ Is Somber, Eclectic Pop Rock

12 19 18 Gabe Greenland.jpgGabe Greenland’s ‘She Walks Strapped Through the Shadows’ is intense, eclectic pop rock with a unique approach. There’s a lot going on here. The track is led by some slow, broad guitar work and punchy trap-style percussion. Over that, Greenland’s narrative, monotonously expressive vocal approach gives the track some structure. A lot of what makes this track unique lies in the details – especially the various transitions between a minimalist, negative space-heavy approach and a more filled out, orchestral take. When the mix is at full capacity, there are whiny synthesized keys, a somber brass section and more extensive traditional rock instrumentation. That provides a nice change of pace for an otherwise relatively simple track. This is equal parts Wicca Phase Springs Eternal, Modern Baseball and Matt and Kim. These culturally transitional times have definitely opened up a market for something like this. Keep your eyes peeled for this guy. Check out ‘She Walks Strapped Through the Shadows’ below!

Noah Zucker // IG – @zucker.n // Twitter – @zuckern13

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