Izzy Miller Sings the Ballad of a Lonesome Cowboy


Izzy Miller is out with a country anthem about losing love and numbing the feelings with drinking and drugs to avoid the sad emotional spiral of heartbreak. The lyrics of “Another Drink or Two” provide the explanation that no matter what he does to cope with his depressing feelings, he will still be haunted by his ex-lovers memory. The song features pedal steel guitars, a raw sounding southern classic-rock inspired vocal, and a swinging acoustic guitar, layered with piano that provides a strong rhythmic foundation. “Another Drink or Two” is the anthem of a heartbroken cowboy who is desperate to get his lover back or at least move on and heal. However, the song seems like he has no hope to get over this person.  He’s still completely in love and caught up and not ready to move on. The song is the perfect portrayal of the lose of love and a haunting feeling of loneliness.

“Another Drink or Two” is off of Izzy Miller’s newest EP (released January 11th, 2019) titled Precipice which can be discovered on Spotify now:

More info: theizzymiller.com 

Written by Ryan Cassata

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