Sinead Burgess’ New Song “Praising God, Raising Hell” Wins Over Listeners Ears & Hearts


Starting off with a mellow acoustic guitar and a bluesy harmonica is Sinead Burgess’s new anthem called “Praising God, Raising Hell.” Her raw and unique voice comes in smoothly, immediately hooking in the listener. Sinead Burgess wins over an audience with her authentic sound and emotional input in her lyrics. She comes across as tender and truthful, an artist worthy of celebration. Sinead started her career in Australia and came over to the United States to further pursue her country-Americana songwriting style.  This wonderful song, ‘Praising God, Raising Hell’ is a co-write in with Carolina Liar front man, Chad Wolf, and Grammy-nominated writer McKay Stevens.

The music video for “Praising God, Raising Hell” can be found on YouTube, dive in:


Written by Ryan Cassata

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