Get a Taste of “Black Coffee” with Alex Abbuehl


Alternative artist Alex Abbuehl is out with a stunning track called “Black Coffee.” The song is piano driven and features a slow and smooth vocal that cuts through the track. Alex Abbuehl is driven by the sound of rock music from the 1970’s and also by West Coast Jazz. The fusion of the two sounds creates something completely unique and gorgeous sounding. “Black Coffee” builds throughout the song and becomes a rock anthem featuring drums and breathtaking vocal harmonies. “Black Coffee” is a strong debut release from Alex Abbuehl that showcases the depth of his singing and songwriting abilities, as well as his musical talents.

Enjoy this beautiful song on SoundCloud now:

The singer-songwriter is based in the United Kingdom and spent his youth in growing up in many European countries after being born in Italy.

The album artwork for “Black Coffee” is simplistic just like a hot cup of black coffee.


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Written by Ryan Cassata

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