Matt Shapiro Releases Somber Single to Tease Upcoming EP


Matt Shapiro has released a second single to tease his upcoming EP “Fade In” that is due out this March 8th. Shapiro’s single “Is There Something Going On” feels quite dreamy on first listen, however when diving into the lyrical content it is clear that the song is touching on a somber topic…betrayal. Matt Shapiro’s vocal bleeds through the emotion of heartbreak, and showcases the feelings of what it feels like when something sacred comes to a devastating end. His vocals are extremely smooth and soft and float with the indie rock instrumentation. The song is mellow sounding but stays interesting from start to finish and has a catchy chorus. The songwriter drew inspiration for “Is There Something Going On” from his own life and from the stories his friends have told him about their own lives.

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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