NIP Releases 90’s Inspired Punk Song “Bear Pit”

The song ‘Bear Pit’ was inspired by 90’s US punk which I grew up listening to, and it’s about facing up to consequences and realising that your actions have an effect on others. Sooner or later you’ll have to face the ‘Bear Pit’.


NIP has spent a lot of time performing in different London punk bands. He has now decided to do a solo project. Rock the Pigeon got the opportunity to listen to “Bear Pit.” This song really captures the essence of old school skate punk bands. The song dives headfirst into changing tempos and flows really naturally during the shifts. The transitions in the song are very organic and definitely take the listener on an epic adventure. The song starts off quick-paced with fast drums and guitar riffs, sounding like Black Flag and Minor Threat, and bands like the hardcore era of punk. Then the song shifts into a slower and more anthemic sound for a chorus type section. NIP’s voice could be compared to the late and great Cranford Nix.


“Bear Pit” would fit perfectly into a Tony Hawk Pro Skater video game soundtrack. The album cover is really awesome as well, looking like a 7 inch record! NIP clearly has a knack for writing fun and moving punk songs. Rock the Pigeon is looking forward to hearing more from NIP in the future.

Enjoy the song on SoundCloud now:

“When the Bear Pit drums…will you fight or will you run, Cos’ they want young blood and they’re looking in your direction”

Written by Ryan Cassata

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