Keep Score Releases Punk Track about Surviving NYC

“I wrote ‘Metropolitan’ the week I moved to New York City. I was in-between jobs, didn’t know how to navigate the city, and only knew a handful of people. I spent that week hidden away in my empty apartment with my acoustic guitar and extreme anxiety.”
– Pete Iannitto 


Keep Score is out with a new indie-rock track titled “Metropolitan.” The song could be called a “punk waltz.” The song stands out from other indie-rock songs because of the melodic vocal delivery, that could even be compared to some rock opera musical theatre soundtracks from the 1990’s. The lyrics of the song stay interesting and unique throughout the songs run, keeping the listener completely enticed in Keep Score. The song “Metropolitan” feels both happy and sad at the same time, with vulnerable lyrics that speak about surviving the city. The New York City based band has a unique sound that combines elements of punk rock, emo music, post-punk, and rock, offering a little something for every rock music fan. The song comes from Keep Score’s 2018 EP titled “Novice.” Enjoy the record on Spotify now:

“The chorus lyrics were drawn from a conversation I had with our guitarist, Tim Phillips. We we’re in Dumbo, looking across the river at Manhattan and Tim asked, “Don’t you have stars in your eyes?” I responded, “No!” I’m freaking out!” That afternoon I finished the song.”” – Pete Iannitto

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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