kwassa Drops a Catchy Party Song for Young People


Electronic Pop music is probably one of the most listened to genres in the music world right now. U.K. artist kwassa, the moniker of Scott Verrill is adding his own flavor to the genre. Although his release is titled “Sad Songs,” it doesn’t bring a depressing vibe across the airwaves at all. It’s a fun sounding pop song, that really brings the energy up, creating an atmosphere for celebrating life. It’s the perfect soundtrack for a college party. The song contains a very catchy melody that listeners will be singing along to by the end of their first listen. It’s a true banger! A true anthem! kwassa does a very good job of fitting into the electro-pop genre but still standing out enough to really be heard and be paid attention to. “Sad Songs” is a song that will be hard to forget.

“I liked the idea of a making a really upbeat track called Sad Songs because it reflects the confusion of growing up, and the idea that you would listen to a ’sad’ song to make you feel some kind of way, when actually it often makes you feel the opposite.” – kwassa

kwassa is signed to Warner Bros in the United Kingdom. He currently has over 200,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. Enjoy his new single now:




Written by Ryan Cassata

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