De’Wayne Johnson’s “Family Tree” Tells his Story of being Young & Black in America [Music Video]

 De’Wayne Jackson is out with a new song called “Family Tree” in which he shows off his incredible rap talents. His flow on the song is impeccable and jam packed with raw emotion that cuts through the heart of the listener. Every word is delivered with sincerity and it comes across in the recording. The lyrics are extremely moving, telling De’Wayne’s story of being a young black man, who was raised without a father yet still looking up to that man who is essentially a stranger to him. His fathers character is painted as that of a role model through the lens of his grandmother. The track feels solemn and sad, driven by an old school sounding beat and beautiful piano chords. The music video tells the story for all those who wish to dive in:

Rock the Pigeon’s favorite lyrics of the song:

“NaNa use to tell me about you. I don’t wanna live my life without you. Growing up I wanted to be just like you. Papa was hard, papa could fight, Papa fuck ya bitch all night, yea, Papa had respect on the corner And his papa rolled with the crips in California… Now when I walk past the mirror it’s starting to make a little sense to me.”


De’Wayne Johnson is based in Houston, Texas.

Official Artist Quote:

“With Family Tree, I was inspired to tell my story and the origins of my loved ones. For the first time, I had my audience and family in mind while writing a song. Getting to work with Kenny Carkeet & Corron Cole we were able craft the perfect mood to deliver this story. I wanted to make a song where if anyone had questions on who I was or where I was going they could listen to this song and get the exact answer. Hopefully through this song they can also get closer to who they are.” – De’Wayne


Written by Ryan Cassata

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