Matt Maeson is Out with a Great New Record & is Currently On Tour


“Matt Maeson learned a lot about the power of song while touring with his parents’ ministry, playing music at prisons and biker rallies across the country.” (pulled from Vevo)

Matt Maeson has released a live performance video of his song “Beggar’s Song” on Vevo. He performs his song fearlessly with just an acoustic guitar and his gorgeous voice. The song seems to be a call for God to help the young singer to refocus his life to God instead of keeping on the rebellious path he was headed down during his teenage years. He speaks openly about smoking and drinking too much, and spending all his money.

The song has a sad tone to it, with minor songs, and an emotional vocal delivery. It almost feels like an honest cry for help. He seems to be making fun of his previous lifestyle, of being on “4 drugs at the same time” and of living “wild and free.” The song feels like a warning to those who are going down this rough road.

Overall, the song is strong enough to stand alone as an acoustic ballad. The songwriting holds interest from the start to the end of the song. It’s made perfect by Matt Maeson’s wonderfully authentic performance. Enjoy this live version of “Beggar’s Song” on Vevo now. It’s definitely something worth celebrating.

The singer is currently on Tour in the United States. Dates can be found at the links below. “Beggar’s Song” is from Matt Maeson’s record “Bank On The Funeral.”

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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