Not Into Xmas Music? Sing About Halloween with DreamStates Instead!

a1255137971_5DreamStates, the revolutionary pop band hailing from Ohio is out with another new single to tease their upcoming LP set for release in 2020. “Next Halloween” is filled with heavy synths and fun pop melodies. The lyrics dive into different Halloween costumes that the couple could sport together. “Next Halloween” is a celebration of love between the two band members, Madeline and Natalie.

The song even includes a fierce synth solo that feels like it’s pulled right out of a video game. The song is a teaser to their fifth full-length album release in two years, titled “Something Borrowed Something Groove.”  Since the release of their last record “Sad Bad Happy Good”, Rock the Pigeon is very excited to hear what the band comes up with next.

If you are dreading the Christmas spirit right now and want to go back to Halloween…here’s your chance to get spooky again. Listen to it on Spotify now:

Interested in hearing more about the inspiration of “Next Halloween”? More details about the songwriting process are below…

“Madeline and I became a couple this past August, and we got too busy to find/make any good “couples costumes” for our first Halloween as a romantic duo. We always love finding things to sing about that are kinda universal themes, that most people experience at some point, and “wishful Halloween planning” definitely fits. As soon as we agreed that we needed a song about all the cute or funny things we could be as a couple, we started writing the song. That was a rare thing, because usually, we don’t think of what we want to say until the music has been written…in short, this was an instance of lyrics-inspired-music, not music-inspired-lyrics. The synth solos on the bridge are a nod to Walk The Moon’s “Shut Up And Dance,” and the track features new singers Jasper and Jo, plus new instruments Berry (our baritone ukulele) and Pearl (our new five-string bass guitar…and yes, her name totally explains the Steven Universe reference in the lyrics).” – DreamStates

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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