Meet talker, the LA artist releasing grunge-pop songs


Ready for some great new music? Before we end out the year, please get acquainted with Los Angeles-indie artist, Celeste Tauchar who goes by talker. She has just released a super grungy song titled “Learning the Feeling.” The song is slow in pace with electronic sounding drums and dark sounding guitar riffs. The vocal tone is standout and melodies seem to fit in with the likes of The Foo Fighters, Nirvana, and Eve Minor. The song is off of a 2-song release that also contains a track called “Keep Me Safe.” It’s a softer sounding pop song compared to “Learning The Feeling.” Both songs show off the singers immense vocal talent and range. We are very excited to hear what’s next from talker.

Listen to it on Spotify now:

“When you’ve been holding in your feelings for so long, sometimes you have to finally scream them out. That’s what “Learning the Feeling” is for me – the musical exploration of finally being open after years of hiding behind my anxiety. In “Keep Me Safe” I was holding my breath waiting for a moment of truth. “Learning the Feeling” is that moment.

I wrote “Learning the Feeling” at a time when I was ready to really open myself up and be true to my feelings. My cowriters were in similar places of needing to let out some sort of heavy emotion, and we all knew that the only way to do that was to show them at full force.


The video is a continuation of the story in “Keep Me Safe” – only now, we see what happens when I stop being afraid and take control.” – talker

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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