TOO MAK came together this year, released several great songs! Hear them now

TOO MAK is a collaboration that started in the springtime of 2019 with singer Mackenzie Oliff, musician/songwriter Patrick McCarthy. Their song “Loving You, You Loving Me”, released earlier this year, starts off soulful, feeling like a classic rock song. The song is chill in vibe but has a warm and retro feel to it. It’s a song that may inspire listeners to slow dance as it has a good dancing grove and brings on a romantic feeling. The vocal tone is relaxing and comes across as highly authentic. Our favorite piece of this song are the guitar riffs and bluesy guitar solo. Enjoy the official lyric video on YouTube:

The band also released a Van Morrison cover earlier this month that can also be heard on YouTube. Tupelo Honey (feat. Mackenzie Oliff & Layla Baker):

Find TOO MAK on social media:

Instagram @room207records
Facebook @ROOM207RECORDS
Spotify @TOOMAK

Written by Ryan Cassata

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