Looking for the Perfect Song to Kick off the New Year? Listen to Brothers Page

Happy New Year Pigeons! Are you ready for the perfect song to write your New Years’ resolutions to? Brothers Page is sure to provide you with some inspiration to get started.

brothers page

Brothers Page is a new unsigned group from New York. The two brothers are crafting folky pop songs with irresistible hook melodies that will definitely reel listeners in. Unlike many popular artists, Brother Page, are writing and producing their own songs entirely DIY-style. Their latest song “Cause The World Is Small” is a soft acoustic tune with a meaningful message. The lyrics come across as highly encouraging to the listener. Brothers Page is singing about letting go of fear and working to make your dreams come true. The message is universal and something that many need to hear.

The song builds into a full band record with an epic electric guitar solo, and ends in a place similar to where it started.

“Cause The World Is Small” was placed Spotify’s New Music Friday playlist which is an incredible feat for indie acts.

Listen to Brother Page’s debut EP “Back To You” on Spotify now:

Written by Ryan Cassata 

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