Brooks Dixon Offers a Message of Hope in New Song + Provides Tips for Those in Quarantine

Singer-songwriter Brooks Dixon is out with a folky song that is relatable to everyone right now. Coming in with a positive message “Not in this Alone” documents the changes in the world since the lockdowns and shutdowns yet still spreads a strong message of hope. Based around a well-played acoustic guitar, the song has a lot of breathing room to let the lyrics be heard. I’m sure they will resonate deeply with all who listen, especially if they are struggling during this very intense time in the world.

The song can be heard on Spotify now:

Brooks Dixon is based in Greenville, South Carolina at home. His circle lives in Greenville too and he says “I am luck in that most of my friends/family live here in Greenville, however I have only seen them very sparingly over the last few weeks.” He is very used to traveling to play shows around the country and is considering this time a meaningful break from that. Dixon says: I’ve been fortunate to be here with my wife and dog, which isn’t so bad. A lot of times I am on the road or playing late night shows, so I don’t get this much time with my wife, so that is a blessing in disguise of this whole ordeal.”

I asked Brooks what is keeping his busy right now, what’s curing the boredom, besides recording songs at home. He says: “I’m not typically one to be bored, so I’ve been trying to immerse myself in some online courses from a music standpoint, I’ve also taken up some smaller home improvement projects and trying to do more yard work. The weather has been amazing here, and we are allowed to go running, so I’ve actually been running in my neighborhood a decent amount.”

Tips for Our Readers in Quarantine from Brooks Dixon: 

“I think there are a lot of things that are tough right now, so many people without jobs, and lots of fear regarding the virus. Not to mention loved ones that might be sick, or that we have lost. That being said, it’s times like these for me that give me some perspective. I just try to be thankful for the little things in my life, and I hope that some of that perspective will carry with me beyond this time. My best tip is find a nice balance of productivity and mindlessness; watch some tv, learn something new, try out that board game you got years ago, or try cooking something complicated if possible.” – Brooks Dixon 


Written by Ryan Cassata 

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