Evie Irie Releases Powerful New Single “Worst Enemy”

“Worst Enemy” by Evie Irie is an astounding song with powerful vocals and a captivating melody.

“Worst Enemy” begins with incredibly powerful vocals that set the tone for the song. From the very first second of the song the strong vocals of Evie Irie take over. “Worst Enemy” has a rich and full melody. The raw emotion comes through with eloquent lyrics and a confident tone. “Worst Enemy” has a high quality sound, both vocally and instrumentally. If you’re looking for a new immensely powerful song with incredible vocals, I highly recommend “Worst Enemy.”

“Worst Enemy” is about our inner demons. It’s about admitting to the times we sabotage ourselves, and the brutal things we put ourselves through. It’s about feeling like sometimes you are so lost, that you actually think you’re found. It’s a really hard reality when I realize I’m in that place – overwhelmed with the struggle of all of my inner demons. That’s the core of “Worst Enemy”. The self-sabotage, the constant drive to be better, and to be good enough. It’s an endless and inevitable cycle, that I think we all experience at a point in our lives, in one way or another.” -Evie Irie

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Written by Hunter Lake

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