Robert Eberle | Versa the Band | Don Da Menace Release “Enough” in Support of the #BlackLivesMatter Movement (Single & Video)

Robert Eberle has teamed up with Versa the Band and Don Da Menace to bring a new social justice ballad into the world. The song combines elements of folk, pop, and hip hop to spread a message that everyone needs to hear right now. The song starts off with acoustic guitars and a soft voice with lyrics about the current state of the nation. The song picks up when a classic sounding hip hop beat joins the acoustic guitar and synth pads. The music video features a performance and several signs from protests. Enjoy it on YouTube.

“When is it enough?? I am upset by what I see from those who are supposed to be protecting all of us from harm, and by what I hear from the so called leaders of our country about it”, Robert said, “The constitution is supposed to provide equality and liberty for everyone, regardless of your race, and that just doesn’t seem to always happen – especially for those in the Black community. It’s wrong and it needs to change, now. Young people especially are just fed up and even though a lot of us can’t vote – yet – our generation isn’t just going to sit by and do nothing.” 

Written by Ryan Cassata 

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