Love in My Coffee by Jordan Taylor Dubin [Poetry]

Love in My Coffee
Written by Jordan Taylor Dubin

“Hey, put love in my coffee, will ya? Okay?”
My chin goes down
Eyes turning to crescent moons
Trying to prevent a smile from filling my face
Biting my lip
Big time

I want to say “Okay”
But all that comes out is a squeak
He smiles
A twinkle appears in his eyes
I quickly turn around

He has nothing to offer me
Except love
A laugh that brings butterflies to my tummy
An exhale leaves my lips without my control
Trying to relieve the nerves

Dad always said
“Nervous is on the other side of excitement”
I usually believe it
But right now I can’t believe
Can’t think
About anything

Except for him

I shakily make his coffee
Cappuccino without chocolate
“I like extra foam, but the chocolate is too much”
He apologizes for complicating things
He doesn’t
And he doesn’t know that it’s my favorite

He takes a sip
“I can taste it”
It warms my heart
He hands me a folded $5 bill
I go to put it in the tip jar
When he puts his hand over the top
He winks and walks out

Inside is a gum wrapper
His phone number is in orange Sharpie

That was Tuesday
Our date was Friday
And every Friday after that

Dark brown hair
A brown beard to match
It’s not messy
Unlike the art he makes
I don’t understand it
But that happy laugh and joy
He feels while painting
Is enough for me
I’m easy
I’m in love

He’s 5’9” on a good day
5’7½” when laughing
Isn’t fat
Isn’t skinny either
A happy medium
His 1950s reporter glasses shape his beautiful shit brown eyes
They look great holding back my hair

He teaches art
At an elementary school
He didn’t see himself doing this
Neither did his doctor and lawyer parents
But it’s his passion

All of his students know my name
Because he talks about me during the day
They all go “awwwww!”
He can’t help but blush
When he talks about his wife

When he found out that I was pregnant
He couldn’t contain his emotions
He cried tears of joy and happiness
He gave me the biggest hug
He used to feel embarrassed
About how fast he gets emotional
It makes my whole day
Because he’s mine

He left me not too long ago
Rather unexpected
I’ll see him soon
Or, rather, one day
Heaven’s really lucky to receive his bright light
I know he’s greeting everyone with that smile of his
Turning everyone’s eyes to crescent moons

I seemed to age overnight
Wrinkles appeared
Sadness always hung over me
But a twinkle appeared
In my newly droopy eyes

Some see feathers
Or lucky pennies
Or even silhouetted spirits
But I got a twinkle

I will always put love in your coffee

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 Jordan Taylor Dubin is an actor, theatrical mover, writer, teacher, and huge musical theatre nerd. She was born and raised in Southern California and is now living out her 13-year dream of living in New York City. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Dance & Theatre Performance and Psychology from Mills College. During the day she works as a theatre teacher and staff associate at a college, and at night she’s an editing manager and freelance copy editor. Jordan is thrilled to have the opportunity to be published in Rock the Pigeon. 
Instagram: @arts_n_smarts
Twitter: @_arts_n_smarts_

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