WATCH NOW: Aural Air & Patrick Mc Eleney’s “Memory” Music Video

All profits from the sale of this single are being donated to The Alzheimer’s Society of Ireland. You can donate here right now:

‘Memory’ is a standalone musical collaboration of singer songwriters Aural Air and Patrick Mc Eleney. The song centers on the experience of living with dementia and the power of music to help overcome its effects. Written and recorded at Attica Audio in Co. Donegal (Ireland) in the Summer of 2019 as part of the Earagail Arts Festival recording studio residency, the single inhabits a dark, romantic, atmospheric soundscape with rising piano, guitar and cello sweeping into a dramatic crescendo akin to the swirling Atlantic waves where it was written. Proceeds from sales or streams of Memory will be donated to The Alzheimer’s Society of Ireland. (via submit hub)

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