Jenn DeSantis Shares Her Experience of the Familiar Feeling Dealt with Love in Her Newly-Released “I Wanna Know”

If you aren’t yet familiar with Jenn DeSantis, consider this as your introduction a true gift. DeSantis is a singer-songwriter who creates her art around a beautiful, unique blend of genres, with a combination of musical and lyrical freedom that is a rare gift on her part. She started writing songs at age 10, and – thankfully – hasn’t stopped since. DeSantis states that her favorite part about being a songwriter is “being able to tell a story through the most expressive, genuine way I can. Through music, I am able to express my thoughts and impact people going through the same things.  I love helping people through my songs.” There is no doubt she doesn’t. 

DeSantis’ newly released single “I Wanna Know” will immediately get you dancing with its catchy electronic beat and lyrics that everyone can connect to in their own ways. For Jenn, “I Wanna Know” is about the aftermath of being in unrequited relationships. It provides the experience of when it feels like there isn’t anyone out there for you, when, in reality, there are so many people that can love you in ways you never thought would happen. DeSantis says it’s “about knowing there are people who will love you even when the spark fades, and rejection doesn’t define who you are. It’s about  knowing you are worthy of love and respect. You deserve to be happy, and your past experiences do not predict your future. There are many people who will love you for you. When you put one hundred percent into someone that doesn’t give it back, you shouldn’t follow through with it.” DeSantis isn’t afraid of sharing her story with her audience. She says that “after having my heart broken quite a few times, I felt like something was always wrong with me. I had so much love to give, but it was always turned down.  I was a rebound or “the other girl” when people were trying to get over their exes, or I didn’t live up to what they wanted. I wasn’t totally their type or was just a hookup. It took a lot of self growth to be able to see that I’m worthy of so much love.This song has to do with knowing your worth and remembering that you are not unlovable just because of rejection in your past. There are people who will love you for who you are even after the spark fades. This song is a celebration of knowing you are more than enough, and that you deserve someone that loves every part of you. Rejection is not a reflection on who you are, or a sign that you are unwanted.” 

Inspired by artists like Tame Impala, Saint Vincent, Lady Gaga, Panic of the Disco, and Justin Bieber, “I Wanna Know” was born with a loop on a JUNO D61. Looping her own music was new to DeSantis, but wanting to create in a dance/pop/electronic-focused genre was something that had been on her mind for a while. Jenn says that she “fell in love with the melody, and the lyrics “I wanna know, yeah, will you still love me when the lights go out.” was the first line that came out of my mouth while the loop played on. I want people to dance to this in their cars, at weddings, bars, everywhere. After Jacob Slade mixed and mastered it, I was dancing in my basement to it. Later, I knew it needed a high hat, a fat bass, and a few other touches, so I mixed and mastered it again.” 

Check out “I Wanna Know” now, streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, and Pandora, and a music video on YouTube. You won’t be sorry.  

Written by Jordan Nickel-Dubin

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