Baby FuzZ Has Brought A Whole Party Of Their Own With “Before Our Time”

Indie-Rock Baby FuzZ has once again brought the world a hit of its own kind! Audiences are delivered a sense of nostalgia wrapped up in a glam/pop/rock jam of a wrapping. “Before Our Time” brings the sound of an unexpected combination of QUEEN, The Beatles, and a spice of Weird Al Yankovic. The song is a fiery and raucous track about friendship.With fun lyrics like “Jesus Christ with a PS4” mixed in with reasonably sage advice like “If you don’t give a fuck, then you don’t get old,” audiences will have a blast with Baby FuzZ’s creation. FuzZ states that “Before Our Time is a tune I wrote with LP about the idea of a friendship being before its time. The song is an upbeat affirmation revisiting the relationship as too forward thinking for its own good. It’s a feeling of nostalgia for being too futuristic, which is kind of a paradox.” You don’t want to miss out on this party of a song!  

Written by Jordan Nickel-Dubin

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