Regi Angelou Fearlessly Raps the Truth in New Anthem “We, The People”

Stop what you’re doing and carve out a moment to watch Regi Angelou’s new music video “We, The People.” The rap flow is impeccable and poetic. The song lyrics are powerful speaking about racism that is killing black people in America. This is an anthem for the Black Lives Matter Movement, and a brave activism piece to end racism. Regi talks fearlessly raps the truth. The message is clear and important. It’s a message that everyone needs to know in their hearts. Black Lives Matter.

“We, The People” is a conscious hip hop song that can inspire the masses. Let the lyrics sink in, they will definitely bring on chills. They are important, giving a voice to the voiceless. Not only is this musically and lyrically brilliant song a wake-up a call to those who are need of one, it’s all an empowerment anthem. I hope it encourages supporters of human rights to keep on marching, and keep up with the fight for equality and justice.

Lyrics go:

“Allow me to re introduce, Artists who speak ’bout the truth, Dropping knowledge for the youth, Hello, I’m here to reclaim my juice.”


Written by Ryan Cassata

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