Voli Contra Delivers Hopeful & Political Keynote to Youth via Rap “The Right Side”

Voli Contra brings us a conscious lo-fi hip hop song “The Right Side.” He says “This song is homage to the youth; this coutry/world is going thru a lot. Stay positive, we got it, the youth got it.” The message comes through loud and clearly in a way that allows for every word to be taken in. The lyrics go deep, delivered in the style of a keynote speech to bring young people hope.

A soulful rap vocal combined with moments of melody and a strong hook section, delivers a hopeful and inspiring message…keep your head up and keep going. The lyrics bring advice directed to young people, reminding us that we are doing the right thing by marching for equality and justice. “Y’all walking on the right side, keep going…we coming for freedom…keep going, keep going…”

The song combines flavors of hip-hop soul, lo-fi bedroom pop, and even reggae. These genres may not normally mix but Voli Contra combines them in a fluid way that makes it seem like these genres were always meant to be fused.

We hope that Voli Contra’s song brings you hope and inspires you to get out and rock the vote.

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“I need the world in order for my future son or daughter.”


Written by Ryan Cassata

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