The Sweet Kill Delivers Haunting EP For Spooky Season

A beautiful piano starts The Sweet Kill’s new Halloween themed song “Undead” from his “Letters To A Vampire” EP. Released today, this EP is in perfect timing for spooky season, adding a gothic touch to Halloween music releases that have been mostly on the poppier side of music.

Thunder sounds faintly in Undead’s background to set up an eerie feel, perfect timing for spooky season. String instruments such as cello, violin, and viola bring an epic feel to the music that makes it even more haunting. The brilliant songwriting stands out compared to other haunted songs this Halloween season.

The dark romantic lyrics tell the tale of a vampire who is madly in love with his mortal but sick and dying girlfriend. He chooses to save her by turning immortal himself. A very romantic choice… An EP that could be turned into a movie premice.

As the song moves further along, 909’s set in bringing an intensity and modern feel to this otherwise live instrument recording. A lull comes in for the song to take a breather before an even more epic chorus section explodes. 

“2020 has turned the world upside down but certain passions have grown deeper for me. For example: the feeling I get when I watch a horror/fantasy movie or walk on a fall day through nature as the seasons are changing, these emotions are what I wanted to capture with the lyrical imagery in “Undead” as well as the cinematic approach to sound design. I love the fear of the unknown and the fantasy of magic mixed with the infinite possibilities of the spirit world paralleling the finitude of the 3rd dimension we live in. “Undead” provides an escape in the realm of ones imagination. Dare to dream big and never sell yourself short “…touch the snow on an icy peak, as the wind chills this reckoning where Gods and Monsters breed, so come with me…. into the Undead’”

– Pete Mills, The sweet Kill

“Undead is the third and final song written 2 weeks ago to round out the “Letters To A Vampire” EP. I was determined to shoot a video for the song “Queen Of The Damned” as my co-star Nassim and I were brainstorming concepts we started a search for haunted forests, warehouses and graveyards all around Los Angeles. As a result I became super inspired and wrote “Undead” over that weekend. I felt so strongly about “Undead” that we shot a video for it that following weekend tabling our original concept for “Queen Of The Damned”. ‘ – Pete Mills, The Sweet Kill

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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