DxadPoxt Shine Light on Opioid Epidemic in New Song “Drugs”

DxadPoxt featuring 5AM Zeri are out with a new song and music video called “Drugs.” A powerful message is spread in this electronic hip-hop fusion track. The message is about addiction and losing friends and family to overdoses. The lyrics shine a light on the opioid epidemic and crisis. As the death tool rises from drug overdoses, many more artists are becoming aware and putting this message into their songs.

This song is a call to action. So many songs in this same genre praise drugs so it’s amazing for an artist to break that stereotype. “I don’t do drugs no more, I am drugs.” The slick flow and lyrics of DxadPoxt and 5AM Zeri are bringing much needed awareness to the disease of drug addiction, the unhealthy romanticizing of drug use, and the heartbreak of losing loved ones and idols to overdoses.

Some facts about the song: JuiceWorld and Mac Miller are mentioned in the lyrics of this song. This is the second single off of DxadPoxt’s upcoming EP: The Casper Project which releases on November 27, 2020.

“I’ve wanted to write a song with this message for a while, but it took someone I knew well almost dying for me to find the right words. Watching people you know and care about go through the struggle of addiction is heartbreaking and also infuriating. Too often in hip-hop and alternative music we glorify drugs and drug use, and these same artists often also pay the ultimately price. I’m tired of seeing people die from overdosing and hope this song can add something meaningful to the conversations happening around addiction.”

“Leading up to the release of this track we also connected with a number of different people – recovering addicts, mental health practitioners and even a tech firm out of surrey that developed an app to support drug overdoses to try to create more of a conversation.” – DxadPoxt

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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