Here’s a Take-Your-Power-Back Anthem from Secure the Sun

Secure the Sun’s song “Friends With the Devil” starts with a fun guitar riff and awesome drum groove. The lyrics of the song tell the story of growing up in abusive household and lacking family support. They are gut wrenching and come across as incredibly honest. The song is melancholy sounding musically but lyrically it feels like a take-your-power-back anthem. The low-key vocal delivery adds to the message of the song: “I cannot be fucked with.” It’s about believing in yourself, despite everyone else around you not believing in you. The band is tight, coming together perfectly with an intricate bass riff and a smooth guitar solo. We are very excited to hear more from Secure the Sun!

“Our guitarist Liam grew up in an abusive household that constantly struggled to put food on the table. Things have changed a lot since those days. Sometimes he wants to tell everyone that told him he couldn’t succeed to fuck themselves. Sometimes he wishes that he just had a little more support. He and the band wrote this song to capture that, the melancholy dichotomy of being content with where you’ve arrived while wishing that the path that lead you there was a little different.” – Secure The Sun


Written by Ryan Cassata

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