Passenger Sings About Lost Love in Heartbreaking Song Suzanne

Passenger, the moniker of Mike Rosenberg, has always been known to bring authenticity and soul to his music. He’s out with a new song called “Suzanne” and it surely packs the same level of rawness and realness that fans love about his music. The lyrics tell the story of a man pondering about his past love that he must have lost touch with. In the song he is asking her how her life is going now and confessing his love to her still. He says “Can you help me to understand?” He wants to know why they didn’t work out, and why her life took the turn that it did; into depression, drinking, and smoking. The vocal delivery style and the somber instrumentation bring a heartbreaking feeling to the song.

The music video is very unique. The film starts with Passenger playing in an almost empty bar, and Suzanne sitting alone in another room drinking red wine. The video cuts to younger versions of themselves. The main scene of the video features Rosenberg dressed in all white, performing with the house band at the school dance.

I’ve been a fan of Passenger since the hit “Let Her Go.” He surely knows how to write a catchy tune with lots of feeling. This one is on the more mellow side in energy, but it definitely sparks emotion in a way that most mainstream songs fail to do. As a singer-songwriter myself, Passenger is an artist and songwriter that I truly look up to.

Passengers’ new album ‘Songs For The Drunk And Broken Hearted’ will be out on January 8th of next year and is currently available to pre-order now at


Written by Ryan Cassata

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