Call Me Karizma’s Debut LP Drops Dec 10th, Here’s a Taste…

“This is a song for the weirdos, the anti-socialites and the awkward kids in the corner at the party. The anti-party party song.” – Call Me Karizma

Call Me Karizma will release his debut LP ‘To Hell With Hollywood’ on December 10th, 2020. “Fire Escape” is a great introduction to this artist. The song fuses several different genres. Elements of pop, alt-rock, punk, and 2010’s emo music could be heard on the music production and vocal delivery style. Call Me Karizma has a unique way of delivering vocals which adds an authenticity to the song that makes a listener want to come back for more.

The punk style music video is professionally shot and gaining lots of traction on YouTube, deservedly so. The song and the video tell the story about living the Hollywood lifestyle of going to parties and events but really just wanting to be at home. We are sure it will amuse you and get you excited for Call Me Karizma’s debut LP:

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