Charlie Finn Teases Upcoming EP with Ohio

Charlie Finn is new to the singer-songwriting scene in Sydney, Australia. His latest song “Ohio” is now on streaming platforms and serves as a solid teaser for his upcoming EP “Peace of Mind.” The EP will release early in 2021. If the rest of the album sounds like “Ohio”, Finn is certain to have a powerful release.

Finn sings about his home state of Ohio on this single track. Combining elements of country, folk, singer-songwriter and pop, Charlie Finn is bringing a freshly authentic sound to the music world. Slide guitars, a smooth drum beat, and a warm piano sit underneath Charlie Finn’s Americana-style croon. It’s soulful and raw and begs to be listened to.

The chorus is explosive and will surely get listeners singing about Charlie Finn’s home state too. It’s definitely going to get stuck in your head!

Get to know Charlie Finn and sing about Ohio now:

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