ZOX Releases New Music for the First Time in 12 Years

Indie-rock band ZOX had momentum in the early 2000’s with songs like “Little More Time” and “Line in the Sand.” But since 2008, it’s been mostly crickets. ZOX is back with a new collection of music called “Lost and Found: B-Sides.” The album includes some new sounds, demos, acoustic versions, alt-version, and remasters.

An email from their mailing list came through the airwaves at 11:34 AM PT today. Eli M. pens the sincere email which announces the albums release. In it he writes “I’m writing because we just released a new album, “Lost and Found: B-sides,” which is now available for streaming everywhere.  It’s our first release in 12 years (but who’s counting?); a little dose of joy—or at least distraction—in these tumultuous times.  Some of the songs were previously floating around the internet or performed live, others have never been heard at all.

Why now?  Well, like most of you, we spent much of 2020 cooped-up at home.  While cleaning out basements and attics, we found some beat-up hard drives containing tons of long-forgotten ZOX recordings.  Since we really enjoyed taking a trip down memory lane, we thought you might, too.”

The full statement was also posted on Facebook which sparked lots of excitement from ZOX fans who are reminiscing about ZOX shows they attended and expressing gratitude for the bands new release.

My personal favorite ZOX song of all time is “Goodnight” from their 2008 album “Line in the Sand.” There is an alternative version of this hit on this new release. It has a very different take from the original version which is quite exciting for me and I’m sure for many ZOX fans.

ZOX has always had a very unique sound. They stand out musically, and although their melodies are catchy and captivating, they are unique in the fact that they are not cliche sounding at all. The melodies on Lost and Found: B-Sides are the same. Just a bunch of stand out goodness! This collection of songs is music that one could get lost in…in a good way…in a forgetting-the-pain-of-2020 type of way. Thanks ZOX!

The same soulful and unique voices rings through on this record that appeared on every other ZOX record. Aside from the vocal delivery style and tone, which I’ve always personally been a fan of, there’s intricate musical changes, lots of experimentation and jamming, strings, and exciting moves in the songs. If you love the sound of ZOX on their previous records, you will definitely love B-Sides.

Spotify was barely even a thing when ZOX released their first record in January of 2008. In fact, Spotify hadn’t even launched streaming until October of that year. Personally, I had hard copies of their records and bought their music on iTunes. That’s how long it’s been since their release! Anyway, it’s super exiting that this record is available on all streaming platforms including on Spotify! Alright, ZOX fans, new and old, DIVE IN!!! This is a great one!

Photos are from https://www.zoxband.com/.


Written by Ryan Cassata


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