Daydream Pop Artist Cait Drops Captivating Single “I Was Never Here”

LA-based artist Cait dropped “I Was Never Here” on January 22nd, but we are actually ALL THE WAY here for it! 

Cover Art for “I Was Never Here”

The song creates a dreamy soundscape from the very beginning with the laid back synth melody, and Cait’s vocals gently entering the track with a lighthearted tone. The vocal harmonies take us to a different world throughout the entire song from here. 

Cait masterfully crafted that feeling you have at your most vulnerable when you question everything. We find ourselves mid-song wanting the answers to Cait’s questions because we’ve all been there, and we are emotionally taken there through her voice and lyrics. What would it be like if I quit my job and moved? What if we cut our hair and went crazy like Britney circa 2007? 

I think the hardest part to accept about the song is that this is natural human behavior, to question what the world would be like if we died or disappeared, but Cait eloquently tackled this in a beautiful and fun way. It’s something we don’t often talk about publicly or amongst friends most times, and it’s most definitely not something you’d bring up at a party or even less a zoom hangout. That’s why we love Cait’s song most, because she eloquently wrote about human nature in a captivating way through music and created something we all can relate to at the core of our being. 

I got the privilege to ask Cait personally some questions about the song, and she got back to me so we can get even more details on the song! 

What was your favorite part about creating this song? 

My favorite part about this song was probably just seeing it come together SO fast. We wrote it over zoom in under 3 hours – which is rare!

What was the most challenging part about creating this song?

The most challenging thing with this song was making sure the lyrics didn’t get too “dark”. I wanted it to represent those “what if” thoughts we all have from time to time – a daydream or a fantasy. We had to make sure the lyrics stayed in that lane without getting too far into the “I hate my life” world, haha!

Did you write this song based on a specific event or moment in your life, and if so, can you tell us about it for the readers? 

3. The pandemic has left a lot of people (including myself) questioning their own lives and has put things in a new perspective. “What’s really important? What if my life could be different? What if *I* could be different?” I’ve changed a lot this year – we all have, and I think this song kind of gave me permission to change.

Thank you so much, Cait, for getting back to me and giving us further insight into the song! 

We definitely recommend that you check out Cait’s song here, and follow her on Instagram to check out what she’s up to next! We LOVE her latest video trend for her song here. We look forward to hearing more from Cait in the future! 

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Written By: Bryce Quartz



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