Frankie & His Fingers Modernize Early Emo Sound, Creating Something Entirely New

Upon hearing “To Die Would Be A Great Adventure” by Frankie & His Fingers, I was hooked and wanted to know more about this band. The sound that this bands brings from the Hudson Valley area of New York, is so irresistible. It’s fresh compared to most of the music out today. Sounding very big for a home recording, this band knows how to time drum hits with guitar riffs to bring something a little more intricate to the table. There is an underlying pop punk and early emo sound in the music but the vocal melody is so different and melodic that the sound feels like a new genre being invented.

“Went to sleep with a draft of a GRAMMYs speech in mind.”

The way that the vocal melody sits over the drums and guitar riffs brings about a special feeling to the listener. The emotional vocal begs to be heard. It’s more than catchy…it’s captivating. Enough to set your ears on fire.

“To Die Would Be A Great Adventure” is a single from the bands upcoming album Universal Hurt that is due out on March 26th, 2021.

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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