Chris Pierce Sings an Urgent Call for Change in “Sound All the Bells”

Chris Pierce hits the microphone with one of the most authentic voices Rock the Pigeon has heard in a while. A true singer-songwriter, he paints vibrant pictures with his lyrics, telling detailed stories while bringing much emotion to all of his tracks. One of the most powerful songs he has is “Sound All the Bells” where he talks openly about his personal experiences with racism. He recalls events that he has been through and one’s that he and his loved one’s have witnessed. The song is an urgent call for change and the sense of urgency comes through clearly in his vocal.

His music and lyrics, soulful and brilliant, are activism for the social justice movement. It’s incredible how powerful one man can be with just a voice and a guitar. “Sounds All the Bells” is off of Chris Pierce’s 10 song album titled American Silence. Listen to this truly authentic, stand-out album on Spotify now. Chris Pierce has released 8 LP’s and all can be heard on all streaming platforms.

written by Ryan Cassata

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