Alt-Rock Band Better Son Releases New Single “Put Your Arms Around Me”

Fresh off the release of their debut Alt Country/Rock single, “You Can Be a Mountain”, the duo known as Better Son released their next single “Put Your Arms Around Me” on March 5, 2021. This time, with a 180 degree turn from their more seminole sound to an uptempo feel good Pop/Punk song about appreciating the ones you love or experience life with in general.

This is something that hits home now more than ever, especially after a year of abstaining from any sort of physical contact. But as the lyric video so playfully and sincerely reminds us, a real hug can be the most powerful show of true appreciation and make all the difference in lifting one’s spirits and instilling the confidence they need to accomplish their life’s goals. 

From a composition and performance standpoint, this pivot will be only one of many showcasing the duo’s diversified talent and eclectic musical taste that aspires to provide something for everyone!

The song starts off with the duo talking to each other naturally, and then jumps into the sick guitar and catchy hook. I really love the strong vocal delivery throughout the song, as well as the catchy vocal melodies that make the track fun to sing along with. I found myself bobbing my head to the guitar and lyrics in the verses, making me crave to see this song live! This song is definitely going to be stuck in my head for weeks to come.

“Put Your Arms Around Me” is available now on all major platforms as Jarret Reddick from Bowling For Soup lets us know in the video below, and has already been featured on a number of Spotify playlists and still counting, with new ones being added daily, including a number 6 position in the coveted “Distrokid Rock” playlist.



Written By: Bryce Quartz


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