Arts Fishing Club Releases Their Best Song Yet, Sends Support Message to LGBTQ Community

Dive into the refreshing sounds of Arts Fishing Club. The band is back with their most lyrically genius song yet. “With Us All” tells a common story about the disconnection between parents and their children and encourages a new outlook and approach. The message is very clear; let’s set aside our differences in beliefs and focus on the love that we have for each other and come together. The vocal tone comes across as emotional and authentic. The music, which starts with an acoustic guitar, slowly builds around the emotion in the vocal tone, really allowing the messages in the song to hit in the heart.

The verse that hits me hardest comes closer to the songs end. The singer passionately sings his support for the LGBTQ community and his LGBTQ friends. It is clear he stands in solidarity with the LGBTQ community.

Many songs with similar topics on parent-child relationships tend to be written from a place of angst but it is clear that “With Us All” is written from a place of love and compassion. I believe that good songwriting and honest compassion allowed for this. I believe this is their best one yet and I’m excited to hear more! Listen to “With Us All” on Spotify! It’s a true peace and love anthem!

“This is a song written after I had 3 separate friends approach me with 3 very similar stories about how a parent had, for lack of better word, “disowned” them. My first draft of the song was angry and pointing out how frustrated I am with the judgement and shame individual humans and institutions put out on other people. Then I realized that I am guilty of it all myself. Perhaps not this particular thing anymore but I have absolutely been guilty of prejudice, and will likely, unknowingly, and unfortunately continue to be. And despite my frustration with others’ transgressions, pointing the finger in the song didn’t seem to be fair. I re-wrote it. The only thing I can control is healing my own pain and loving others for where they are at. My goal with the song is to communicate a strong discontent for injustice yet an almost complete and open acceptance for each other as human beings on this planet. I hope I was effective in that.” – Arts Fishing Club

Listen to Arts Fishing Club on YouTube.
Written by Ryan Cassata

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