Leave them unread with TeawhYB’s “1AM” (INTERVIEW)

TeawhYB is a name that you’re going to want to remember. The Alt-Hip-Pop artist is not only an incredibly talented writer and performer, he also connects with his audience in a genuine way that makes you say, “I want more of this”. I’ve had the chance to get to know Tyler Baumgart, A.K.A. TeawhYB over the course of the last two years and he’s one of the most promising up and coming artists I’ve had the chance to rub shoulders with, so naturally, I jumped at the opportunity to interview him and preview his new single, “1AM“.

  1. Your journey with music has been an inspiration to me as well as many others. I feel like you’re the energizer bunny when it comes to pumping out tunes. What’s been your favorite project and or song that you’ve released? (I’ll add link to song/video) 

Well dangggg that’s humbling haha… It’s tough to choose…but I’ll say I’m most proud of “What We Were” (EP) my latest project. I was never necessarily taught how to sing so I learned a lot about my voice while creating this beast. I also love how fun and poppy a majority of the project is but the content is kinda depressing. Hiding my emotions through banging beats lol. 

  1. Tell me more about the acronym in your artist name, is that rooted in something deep for you personally? 

Through Every Action Who Has Your Back. Growing up all the homies called me T-Y so my “rap name” evolved into TeawhYB. Basically it’s just a reminder to always respect the friends and fam that stick around through the good times and the bad. Also to be gracious when people are honest, even if it hurts.

  1. It’s been really fun watching you grow and have successes along the way like booking SXSW (RIP), watching your streams climb and getting some awesome exposure through interviews and write ups. This doesn’t happen over night. What advice would you give your best friend if they wanted to pursue a music career?  

We’re all trying as we go but if you’re gonna do it for real and don’t let up. Nothing happens by accident so be prepared to put countless hours into developing your sound, researching trends, finding your audience, marketing techniques, finding influencers/blogs/channels, all while avoiding imposter syndrome and having fun. Also support other indie artists!

  1. What is your favorite performance story thus far?

FreakFest 2019 in Madison, WI. It was late October and I was performing at the same time as Lil Yachty but managed to keep a healthy crowd by my stage. It was really cold,I could see everyone’s breath in the rain, so I just tried to keep everyone hyped. Things got pretty crazy, I even took my shirt off HAHA.

  1. Your new single, “1AM” drops April 23rd. Can we get an inside scoop on what the song is about?

Break-up songs are usually sad and depressing, but like, have we thought about how freeing it can be? Finally being able to let go, sleeping alone and being content with that. It’s a bonafide pop song, influenced by the Y2K, ringtone era. Quite the experiment but I love how happy it is. 

  1. Alright and finally, the question we’ve all been waiting for, desert island. If you were stuck on an island, cast away style, what movie, book and record would you bring? 

Okay snap! Umm… Going to need some laughs so “Friday” is the movie, honestly though I watched it everyday one summer so I probably don’t even need to have a copy. Book: How to Survive on a Desert Island? because I’m going to struggle with the whole survival thing. Record: Kacey Musgraves, “Golden Hour”.

“1AM” is available now on all platforms.

Connect with TeawhYB here: Spotify | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud | Youtube

Written By: Christina Swangim


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