Cookiee Kawaii Brings The Vibes in New Single “Relax Your Mind”

NJ-based viral breakout artist Cookiee Kawaii debuts her newest single for RELAX YOUR MIND via The Cookiee Jar / EMPIRE, available today on all streaming platforms.

Cover Art for “Relax Your Mind”

This atmospheric track captures the upbeat vibe of the Jersey Club culture. As her hit single “Vibe” becomes certified gold this month, the new single “RELAX YOUR MIND” is the second single she drops off her upcoming debut project, scheduled to drop later this summer.

“Relax Your Mind was made for listeners to do exactly what the songs says; it’s a combination of smooth, sultry sounds & of course, my Jersey Club style that everyone is growing to love even more… it’s the perfect introduction to the new vibe I’m creating to set the tone for my debut album.”  -Cookiee Kawaii.

The song starts with the dreamy instrumental that immediately hooks us. We’re then blessed with Cookiee’s angelic vocal delivery that takes us to another planet. The beat picks up, making this a perfect song to move and dance to. The combined vocal tracking of her soft angelic voice and the fast paced ad libs ensures we will keep coming back to this song. If this song doesn’t make you want to move your body to the vibes, I am concerned for you.

Cookiee Kawaii has already proven to be more than a viral Tik Tok sensation. Her remix and video with Tyga last year hit over 5 million views on Youtube, while the original track has amassed over 150 Million Streams. Her debut album will further establish the Jersey Club sound as a staple in the evolving music scene.

We absolutely adore this new single from Cookiee Kawaii, so be sure to stream it now on all platforms, and follow her on social media below!

Be sure to stream the music video below too!


Written By: Bryce Quartz



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