Fox and Bones Has a Folk Song for the Digital Age

Fox and Bones is out with an authentic, acoustic driven song titled “Layers of Antiquity.” The lyrics are unique, telling the tale of the digital age in the times that we are currently living through. The music feels from the folk era so the new-age lyrical content creates a balance that is out of this world. The lyrics are ones that anyone can relate to as we now all have the common experience of living through a pandemic and quarantine. Most people adapted to the digital world of Zoom, Facebook, FaceTime, and not seeing many other humans in the flesh. The clever lyrics sing: “Don’t disrupt me transcendental meditation Facebook group…”

The song has a peaceful vibe, and features breathtaking harmonies. The story telling lyrics pull the listener in and the minimal instrumentation is perfectly fitting for the listen to focus on the lyrics more than any other part of the song.

“We took our time writing and recording American Alchemy because we felt we had reached a point in our career where we could put out our best record, one that stands the test of time,” the duo explains. “[quarantine] was just starting, and we were feeling everything shut down, and I was also feeling a little bit of technology addiction. There was a little bit of Reddit scrolling. There was a little bit of fighting against a technology that I also am so wrapped up in and so addicted to, but also just wanting to be real and honest.”

“Layers of Antiquity” is the closing track off of Fox and Bones recent 11-track LP titled American Alchemy. Listen to the full record on Spotify now:

Written by Ryan Cassata

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