Premiere: Kyle Motsinger’s New Single “Retro” Takes us Back!

Kyle’s new single “Retro” brings us back to the 60s and 70s in the best way possible!

Kyle Motsinger is a NYC-based singer/songwriter specializing in theatrical pop/rock. He released his debut album, “Far Away,” in 2017 and his second album, “Any Way I Want it To” in August of 2020. He has also released several stand-alone singles including “Dark Shadows.” The gothic 60’s soap opera provided the inspiration for the song and the music video featured original series star Kathryn Leigh Scott.

The song begins and we immediately feel like we’re stepping into a disco club. Kyle’s beautiful vocals tell a story, one that leads us eloquently into the catchy hook. This part of the song makes me want to get on my feet and move! The vocal melodies throughout the track combined with Kyle’s clever storytelling really makes this song a modern retro classic. It really takes us there and then some, making this song a must listen for the summer!

I had the privilege to interview Kyle about this release, check it out below!

What inspired you to make this song?

I’ve been really bored with today’s fashion. I feel like clothes used to be more fun and colorful! I’ve been buying vintage clothes for a while as well as new clothes with a retro 60s and 70s design. I came up with the idea of commenting on my love for throwback fashion with a song that features several nostalgic music styles including 70s funk, disco, and 80s rock. The mix of styles makes for a really fun song I think!

What was your favorite part about making this song?

I’ve really gotten the chance with my latest album and this new single to produce a sound that I think is very much me. I love mixing sonic styles in a blender and seeing what I can create! It doesn’t seem to be for everyone but it is for someone!

What was the hardest part making this song?

The melody line in the verses was hard to settle on. It went through a few iterations. I had to find what worked in my voice. The chorus lyrics changed a bit too. I needed to make sure I was making my point clearly. Sometimes the song comes easily and sometimes you have to go on an expedition!

Was this release cathartic for you?

Yes I think so. I didn’t know where to go after my latest album, “Any Way I Want it To.” I had released a lot of singles from it so I thought it was time to move on to something new. I asked my fans what they liked about my music and what they wanted to hear next. They wanted something fun and uptempo for the summer!

What keeps you motivated?

I’m motivated by the feedback I get from fans. I’m still pretty unknown but I’ve had some amazing words of encouragement from strangers who were touched by my music in some way.

What can we expect next from you?

I think I’m ready to tell a story. I don’t know if that’s a musical or more of a concept album. It might be both!

What other artists are you listening to right now?

I’ve been listening to so much Joni Mitchell, St. Vincent, Demi Lovato, Depeche Mode, and of course Kate Bush and Tori Amos! Those are my girls!

Thank you for taking the time to answer those questions for us!

Be sure to stream “Retro” by Kyle Motsinger on all platforms now, and follow him on social media below!





Written By: Bryce Quartz



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