Drunk & Falling for Justice: A Review of Stay by Victoria Justice

An insight to Victoria’s latest single Stay and her journey into a more sultry sound.

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Victoria Justice is “Victorious” again! However, don’t let her sparkly Nickelodeon pop Princess past fool you, because in her latest single “Stay,” she tackles some deep issue we are all currently facing during this pandemic. Victoria is quoted in saying “it’s a more mature version of Tell Me you Love Me,” a song I remember from her previous kids show that honestly doesn’t come close to this composition.

The music video opens on the “Treat Myself” singer treating herself to a Reign energy drink (product placement is everything), as she hears a news broadcast stating “The stay at home order will continue for the rest of Victoria’s life, and she will most likely end up alone…” a feeling I’m sure you can relate to! When will this pandemic end!? How can anyone love me!? And will they stay?

The song gives vintage vibes, with influences like Rihanna’s “Love on the Brain” and a Sadie Hawkins Dance Sock Hop running through your mind as you listen to this sweet plead for a lover to stay during the hard times (and lots of wine).

“This feelings too good to fight. It can’t be wrong, two in the morning, a bottle of wine, and I’m drunk and falling for you!”

I know I have felt this way on more than one occasion!

I’m not surprised by the production in the slightest, mainly because of the dynamic duo power from Martin Allan (known for several chart topping hits such as “Want to Want Me” by Jason Derulo, “Heartbeat Song” by Kelly Clarkson that earned a Grammy nod, Demi Lovato’s “Heart Attack,” and the list goes on!) and Louis Schoorl. (known for “I See Love” by new rising artist Jonas Blue, “Talk” by boyband heartthrobs Why Don’t We, not too mention Benjamin Ingrosso’s hit “Dance You Off” that was performed at Eurovision in 2018, and so many more credits!)

The artist catalog that these two producers have under their belts is jaw dropping to say the least. All of that experience is reflected in this mesmerizing plea for love. The production is solid, driven by an electric guitar stripped sound, and simple percussion elements that drive the emotion. It is a production level I would compare to Adele’s 25 album. Great work, as I would expect nothing less from these two!

The video is just as captivating with a sci-fi plot about an alien arriving at Victoria’s door just in time during the stay at home order, when she is lonely, vulnerable, and at her weakest… ultimately leading to her falling in love and letting him go… (spoiler alert, sorry!!) She is sultry and seductive, while also maintaining that innocence and glow that makes her the star we expect to see!

Be sure to stream the song on all platforms now and check out the music video, as well as follow her on social media below!



Written By: J.R. Price




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