DANIEL Delivers Electro-Pop Heartbreak Anthem

U.K. based-singer DANIEL is out with a poppy heartbreak song called “Love Pill.” The song is top 40 quality, with an ear worm hook that will definitely stay in your head for weeks to come. Musically, the song has an upbeat feel to it but lyrically, it covers the depressing universal feelings of immense heartbreak. It’s a song that could be danced to and sung along with. It definitely sends the message to anyone experiencing heartbreak that they aren’t alone in their feelings.


Although the concept of comparing love to drugs isn’t new, this song has a fresh take on the topic. DANIEL is eager to take a “love pill” to get out of the painful part of a breakup. In fact he wants to forget the pain of the break up all together so that he could move up and on and be in love with someone new. 

“When I fall in love, I fall really hard. I’m a hopeless romantic at heart, so equally when things come to an end, I fall apart real hard,too. After my first ‘big boy’ relationship I found myself struggling with trust. ‘Love Pill’ is about me wishing I could erase my past and trust people with my feelings again. I just find it hard to fall in love and protect my energy at the same time.” – DANIEL

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