Lauren Sanderson Fell in Love with a “Girl From the Internet”

Lauren Sanderson is out with a new viral smash called “Girl From the Internet.” Perhaps one of the most relatable songs of our generation in terms of lyrics, Lauren Sanderson brings one hell of an ear worm that we will never forget. Falling in love with a stranger on the internet? We’ve all been there, right? Seeing the cute Tik Tok’s, funny Instagram Reels, everyone has their internet crush these days, and some even develop it into more of a serious relationship. Our generation has mastered the art of “sliding into the DM’s” and linking up with a partner either long distance style or in their city. Whatever, the case, Lauren’s great new song can be the anthem to sing in a Tik Tok to send to your most recent internet crush!

“I’ve known Lauren Sanderson since 2014, before she even had her first song on Soundcloud. Watching her music evolve from “Oceans” to “Girl From the Internet” has been one of the most inspiring journeys to watch unfold. I draw a good portion of my artistic inspiration and values from Lauren’s evolution, and I’m so thankful for that. The sound of “Girl From the Internet” is unmatched, next level Lauren Sanderson. It really normalizes a commonly shared experience in the queer community, falling in love virtually and having it be the best damn thing that’s ever happened to you. Many of her fans and followers, myself included, are from the Midwest where the queer dating pool is less than sufficient, so where do we turn to? Girls on the internet. No matter if I’m having the best day of my life or the worst, Lauren has a song for it. Seeing a Midwest kid really, truly make it big has provided the hope and assurance that I’m exactly where I need to be, doing exactly what I need to do.” – Asher Phoenix, Concert Photographer

Article Written by Singer-Songwriter Ryan Cassata

All Photography by Asher Phoenix

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